Saturday 30th June, in 5 vehicles, our friends Chris & Emma and Chris’s 2 daughters and 3 others,  went back to Glasshouse Mountains for some 4WDriving and a picnic lunch.  The weather had been forecast as showers and it had been raining all week so we knew that the tracks would be very wet in places.  I said to David to please be careful that conditions could be worse than previous days here.  I guess I am the more cautious one – the girl!  At the outset, Matt manually locked in his hubs on his Nissan Navara and Steve, who had just completed a 4WD training day decided he would let his tyres down on his Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Then off we went.

The tracks were a little more slippery and we had a great time following each other around.  Our Nissan Navara D40 dual cab ute and the other vehicles were muddy in no time.

Chris in his Ford Ranger dual cab ute lead the way most of the time as we drove around the Glasshouse Mountains.  He and David were always bantering to and fro about one of them being there to tow the other out!  Well boys will be boys!


All the boys enjoyed the first real challenge of a reasonably steep downward hill and up the other side.  I stood on the top of the other side and took a few pics and videos.  Each driver decended real slow and pushed through up the other side with ease.  Chris’s Son in law in his Nissan Navara was new to 4WDing and got a bit concerned when his vehicle started to slide but he held it together well and enjoyed it!  David’s brake pads in our Nissan Navara were squeeking apparently from going through the mud and were wet..


David Breaks It Video – click to see.

Things were going well – a bit of slipping and sliding on the wet tracks through the pine forest and the boys were having fun.  We arrived at the hill that David straddled at the top on our first trip to Glasshouse Mountains in the dry… was quite funny really, seeing him with one wheel on the ground. (see previous post)

I get out of the Navara and went up to the top for a better view to take some pics and watch.  Today David goes first to tackle this climb which was now wet and thick mud.  I was a bit surprised actually that he did go first but anyway “boys will be boys!”  They call it tostesterone!

David makes 3 attempts to get up and some very strange crunching sounds come from underneath as our 4WD scraped the ground rolling back down. David conceded and parked back up again with everyone else.  The back plastic strip on the rear step was rescued by David as it nearly washed away down the stream. It just clips back on. Chris went up no trouble in his Ford Ranger 4WD dual cab, and back the other way.

I knew something was up when I walked back over to David and the boys are around our 4WD with the bonnet up.  Oops – green liquid is coming out under the 4WD and there is a large crinkled up piece of metal cover plate falling off… or should I say taken off!



We patch up the hole in the radiator and then have lunch while phoning mechanics who may still be open this Saturday morning. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!  It worked and we could drive it ok – just kept an eye on the temperature gauge and Chris & Emma followed us to the radiator shop and then home.  Thank you to Morayfield Radiators for your help, replacing the radiator on the Tuesday, after the wrong one was delivered Monday.  It was unfortunate that the whole radiator of our new Nissan Navara D40 had to be replaced as the hole was only in the bottom tank – but not to worry.  $500.00 later…

The crazy part is that David had the kit to lift the Navara at home ready to put in on Sunday.  If only he could have waited until Sunday to give that hill a go!  It’s no good if nothing breaks they tell me!  We had a lovely picnic lunch and enjoyed the time we were there.  The radiator is replaced and working fine and our Nissan Navara D40 is now 2 inches higher, ready for next time.


A great time was had by all even though the day was cut a bit shorter.  Thank you for reading our post.

Linda Lang, Queensland Bearings & Industrial Supplies.








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