Oils & Lubricants

Hydraulic Oil

HVI Hydraulic Oil is a high quality Hydraulic Oil containing the latest anti-foam, anti-rust, Zinc anti wear and Viscosity Improver Additives, offering hydraulic systems the ability to operate over a wide range of temperatures.

 Lanoseal Liquid Lanolin

Corrosion Protection


Rejuvenate Leather

Water Proofing

Timber Treatment

Apply to all surfaces requiring protection from corrosion or drying.  Applied liberally over trailers, Lanoseal will provide a safe, natural seal against corrosion and oxidation for extended periods.  Marine components such as chains, chain lockers, rigging & turnbuckles, cables, electrical systems, couplings, decking and even the hull may all be protected using Lanoseal.  Fishing rods and reels can also be lubricated and protected from a coating of Lanoseal.

INDUSTRIAL – Non-conductivity – Tested to 70kV under AS1767.2.1-1999. also conforms to AS2331.3.1-1980 for corrosion protection.  Use as an anti splatter for welding and as a drilling and cutting aid for hand tools.  Lanoseal will facilitate a faster and cleaner cut and will prevent tearing.  Unlike other cutting compounds, Lanoseal will then provide complete protection against oxidation on the exposed surfaces.  Used simply as a lubricant, Lanoseal provides extreme reduction of friction between surfaces, and when used on components such as chains, the result is longer lifespan of components, and improved performance.



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