Cylindrical Roller Bearing

In this type of bearing, the rollers, which are cylindrical, are in linear contact with the raceways. Crowning of the rollers periphery near each end relieves the edge loading effect caused by shafr misalignment. It has a large radial load capacity and because of its construction is suitable for high speeds. The inner and outer rings are available in many different varieties, such as the NU,NJ,N,NF,NUP types, depending on whether or not there is a side rib, and whether the outer or inner ring can be separated. Cylinfrical roller bearings in which either the inner or outer ring has no rib may be used as free end or floating bearings because its inner and outer rings are free to move relative to each other in the axial direction. Cylindrical roller bearings in which either the inner or outer ring has two ribs and the other has one rib, are capable of taking a certain amount of axial load in one direction. Double row cylindrical roller bearings NN and NNU types have high radial rigidity and are used primarily for precision machine tools. Pressed steel, machined brass and synthetic resin cages are used in these bearings.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are a common type using conical rolling elements guided by ribs on the inner ring. Slight crowning of roller’s periphery near each end relieves the edge loading. These bearings are capable of taking both radial loads in one direction. Since an axial force is genearated in these bearings when a radial load is applied, they are often mounted in pairs in a manner similar to single row angular contact ball bearings. In this case , the proper internal clearance can be obtained by adjusting the axial distaance between the inner rings or the two opposed bearings. Since they are separable, the inner and outer rings can be mounted independently. Depending upon the degree of the contact angle, tapered roller bearings are divided into tree types called normal angle, medium angle and steep angle types. Double row tapered roller bearings are also available.

Spherical Roller Bearings

The line of contact between the rollers and the outer ring raceway is a circular arc with the centre on the bearing axis. The outer ring raceway is spherical making it selfaligning. There are two inner raceways and two rows of rollers. The self aligning feature compensates for minor misalignments of the shaft. Spherical roller bearings can take not only radial loads but also axial loads in either direction. They have excellent radial load carrying capacity. Bearings which have tapered bores may be mounted directly on tapered sahfts or on cylindrical shafts using an adapter or withdrawal sleeve. Pressed steel and machined bradd cages are available.

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

These bearings have a spherical raceway in the outer ring and the rollers are obliquely arranged in a single row. Since the raceway in the outer ring is spherical these bearings are self aligning. It has a very high axial load capacity and is capable of taking moderate radial loads when the axial load is imposed. This bearing is not suited for high speeds and requires oil for lubrication. Machined brass cages are generally used.

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