608-2RS 608LLU    NTN JAPAN Deep Groove Ball Bearing 8x22x7mm


6202-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Rubber Seals (15x35x11)


6203-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Rubber Seals (17x40x12)


6201-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Rubber Seals (12x32x10)


6203-ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Metal Shields (17x40x12)


6003-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Rubber Seals (17x35x10)


6000-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Rubber Seals (10x26x8)


6202-ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Metal Shields (15x35x11)


608-ZZ  JAPANESE Brand  Deep Groove Ball Bearing 8x22x7mm


6002-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Rubber Seals (15x32x9)


6000-ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing Japanese Brand Metal Shields (10x26x8).


607-ZZ Japanese Brand Deep Groove Ball Bearing Metal Shields (7x19x6)

Our Queensland Bearings warehouse features the best bearings from leading international manufacturers, including deep groove ball bearings and all associated tools and maintenance products.

We supply deep groove ball bearing Australia-wide to a diverse range of trades and industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive and engineering
  • Boilermaker and toolmaker machinery
  • Building and construction 
  • Civil engineering
  • Energy sectors
  • Mining industries
  • Government rail and transit works
  • Food processing and production
  • Fabrication and manufacturing industries
  • Medical and dental instruments
  • Timberworks
  • Professional trades and much more

Read on to learn more about deep groove ball bearings and their wide range of benefits.

What are deep groove ball bearings?

A deep groove bearing is similar to a standard housed bearing; however, it is designed to have a raceway closely formed around the balls that run inside. These deep grooves create a more stable operation that can handle higher loads, significantly more than a shallow-groove bearing. 

What are the benefits of a deep groove ball bearing?

A deep groove bearing provides a super-low friction performance while limiting vibration and noise because of the housing's deep groove and snug fit.

As well as radial loads, a deep groove bearing also provides some axial load capacity making them perfect for a wider range of applications. Deep groove ball bearings are also known to be easy to install and are a go-to for many engineers and trade professionals.

Different types of deep groove bearing

Deep groove bearings have been around for quite a while, allowing for many evolutions of this ingenious design, and resulting in various deep groove-bearing types.

Single-row deep groove bearing

The most common type of deep groove ball bearing, single-row bearings offer superior performance, can withstand high temperatures, and come in a wide range of sizes.

Sealed deep groove bearings

Sealed deep groove bearings are a sealed version of a single-row bearing, featuring rubber seals installed on one or both sides to optimise protection against moisture and abrasives like dirt while also keeping lubricants contained, extending the bearing's life expectancy.

Flanged deep groove bearings

Flanged deep groove bearings feature a flared outer ring, similar to a snap ring, which improves the bearing's running efficiency. Flanged deep groove bearings are ideal for use with axial loads, like tube bearings, or on belt guide rollers.

Double-row deep groove bearings

A double-row deep groove bearing's design allows for more load capacity without compromising the bearing's low friction status and is wider than their single-row counterparts, where more speed and performance control is required.

Maximum-type deep groove ball bearing

Maximum-type deep groove ball bearings feature more rolling elements than single and double-row bearings, allowing for higher performance, precision, efficiency and longevity.

For more information about our full range of deep-groove bearings, contact our helpdesk or head into our Zillmere warehouse just North of the Brisbane CBD.

All your bearing needs under one roof

No matter what bearing you need, you are bound to find it at our warehouse, located at 2/260 Zillmere Road, Zillmere. If we don't have what you are looking for on-site, we will endeavour to source it via our extensive industry network.

For more information, call us on 07 3265 3622, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and a representative will respond promptly.
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