25590/20 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing Bearing Imperial SET 54


32010JRYA1 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing - Metric (50x80x20)


32006JRRS Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing - Metric Rubber Seals (30x55x17)


15123/245 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing - Imperial SET 43


320/28 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing - Metric - 28x52x16


25590/25520 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing Bearing Imperial SET 54


M12649/10 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing - Imperial SET 3


LM67049A/10 Japanese Brand Tapered Roller Bearing - Imperial

For over two decades, our Queensland Bearings warehouse has provided Australian trade and engineering professionals with quality bearings solutions, including world-class tapered roller bearings.

We strive to provide a comprehensive, accessible range of bearings, tools, accessories and services for local Brisbane and South East Queenslanders across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive and engineering
  • Boilermakers
  • Building and construction specialists
  • Civil engineers
  • Classic and clean energy industries
  • Mining
  • Food processing and production
  • Fabrication and manufacturing industries
  • Medical and dental instrumentation
  • Timber industries
  • Professional trades and more

Read on to learn more about our range of industry-leading tapered roller bearings and their benefits and applications.

What is a tapered roller bearing?

Tapered roller bearings feature an ingenious design that allows the bearing to function on a tapered angle. Examples of where tapered roller bearings are typically used include gearboxes, hoists, rolling mills, and other specialist machinery.

What are the benefits of a taper bearing?

A tapered bearing is designed to provide a unique angled roller utility that reduces friction in high-speed machines and appliances, where standard flat bearing types have typically failed in performance and longevity.

Different types of tapered roller bearing

We are dedicated to providing our customers and clients with a wide selection of tapered roller bearing options to ensure all Australian industries can access high-performance tapered bearings.

Single-row tapered bearing

Standard single-row tapered roller bearings are designed to provide true rolling action at high speeds with minimal friction. These bearings are perfect for radial and axial loads and have a long service life, providing superior reliability to standard bearings where a flat design is not applicable.

Double-row tapered bearing

Depending on the desired application, a double-row tapered bearing can withstand axial and heavy radial loads in both directions. 

As a result, these bearings are suitable for various high-performance applications, including gearboxes, rollers and heavy machinery used in industries like mining.

Matched tapered bearing

Matched tapered roller bearings are versatile in that they can be used face-to-face or back-to-back, have a high-load capacity, and can perform under relatively high degrees of stiffness.

Four-row tapered bearing

A four-row tapered bearing provides added load distribution over four rows of rollers within one housing, accommodating radial and axial loads under low to moderate speeds.

Split tapered roller bearings

In some circumstances, a bearing with tapered inner and outer ring raceways may be required, especially when the bearing will be under a heavy load. Our range of high-quality split tapered bearings come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of applications.

The most reliable taper rolling bearing Australia-wide

No inquiry is too small in our catalogue of tapered roller bearings is trusted by engineering and trade professionals across South East Queensland and around Australia.

We strive to provide all Australian industries with reliable, high-quality roller-bearing solutions. If we do not have what you require in stock, we will likely be able to source it via our industry network.

For more information about tapered roller bearings or any other bearings and products in our range, call our helpdesk on 07 3265 3622 or via our online contact form today.

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