Our Queensland Bearings warehouse in Zillmere is your one-stop bearing shop for super precision ball bearings Australia-wide. We have been supplying world-leading bearing brands for over 35 years and provide bearing sales and services to some of the country's biggest trade and engineering specialists.

We supply super precision bearings to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Engineering firms
  • STEM sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Precision machinery manufacturing
  • Specialist trades and much more

Read on to learn more about our super precision ball bearings range and their many applications.

What are super precision ball bearings?

A super precision ball bearing is designed for high performance and reliability in precision machines, appliances and instruments. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Tooling machines
  • Rolling mills
  • High-performance and race vehicles
  • High-performance and race watercraft
  • Military vehicles and equipment
  • Aircraft and more

They are designed and fabricated using state-of-the-art digital design and precision machine fabrication, using the highest quality materials to ensure ultra-high performance, accuracy, and high rigidity.

The benefits of super precision bearings

Super precision ball bearings offer superior performance in all applications. The laser precision design and finish of these bearings provide a range of targeted benefits, including:

  • Reliable performance at high speed and heavy load
  • Long life expectancy
  • Significantly higher grease and lubricant containment
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal vibration and heat generation
  • Minimal noise and more

Where pinpoint accuracy and precision performance are needed, super precision ball bearings are the prefered choice of engineering and machinery specialists.

Different types of super precision bearing

There are four leading super precision ball bearing types:

  • Angular contact super precision ball bearings
  • Deep groove super precision ball bearings
  • Super precision roller bearings
  • Super precision thrust ball bearings

Read on to learn more about these super precision ball bearings variations and their features.

Angular contact super precision ball bearings

This is the most common type of super precision ball bearing and shares the design characteristics of a standard spindle bearing. This bearing type creates an angled contact between the races and the ball bearings during operation.

Deep groove super precision ball bearings

Deep groove super precision ball bearings can operate under axial and radial loads but are generally used for radial loads. Due to their superior design and fabrication materials, they can function under higher loads and speeds than standard deep groove ball bearings.

Super precision roller bearings

These bearings are made to run at super accuracy, high speeds, and high rigidity, ensuring all machines and engines run optimally, all day, every day.

Super precision thrust ball bearings

Our range of super precision thrust ball bearings is designed to meet the demanding requirements of specialist precision engines and machinery in both vertical and horizontal loads with no drift from transfer thrust applied to the load.

Queensland Bearings: A trusted name for super precision ball bearings Australia-wide

Our catalogue contains a wide range of super precision ball bearings for applications across various industries and machine types, and no inquiry is too small. 

For more information about our full range of super precision ball bearings or any of our other bearings products or industrial supplies, contact us today on 0452 398 997, or head into our warehouse just 18km North of the Brisbane CBD at Zillmere Road, Zillmere.
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